There is a charge then refund on my card

As part of our payment security, all card transactions (credit and debit) are verified with your card issuer.
Part of this verification is AVS (Address Verification Service).  

With most credit card issuers AVS occurs as a separate transaction with your card issuer (for most debit cards, this occurs in one transaction).
  • First is the payment transaction, where the card number and balance part of the transaction is verified (approved or declined).

  • Next, if the payment transaction was approved, an AVS transaction is then performed (to verify the billing address you provided to us, with the billing address on record with your card issuer).  

    If AVS is successful, the transaction completes and the payment is credited to your account.
    If AVS fails (addresses does not match), the payment transaction is immediately reversed (refunded) with your card issuer.  *For each attempt you make, you will see a charge and immediate reversal.

    Although the reversal (refund) is always immediately performed, some card issuers may take a couple of days to reflect the refund.  Rest assured though, all reversals are immediately performed.

When contacting your card issuer about a declined transaction, they will typically only see the payment transaction (and not the AVS transaction).  Therefore, they will also report the transaction was approved and then reversed by us.  When this occurs, have then reconfirm the billing address they have (and the billing address you provided us).