My anonymous outbound calls are failing

Most all phone service providers (including many mobile apps) are offering ways to block calls from unknown (or anonymous) callers.

You can not use *67 (block CallerID) when calling emergency or toll-free numbers.  These services use the CallerID number to route the call.  If no number is presented, the called carrier cannot processes (route) the call.

As a means to help stop telemarketing (robocalls) and unwanted calls, most providers (including VoIP Much), offer an anonymous call blocking feature.  When this feature is enabled, you will not be able to call that number when your CallerID is blocked.

Many banks, businesses and cell phones already prevent calls from blocked numbers.  The call conditions varies from carrier to carrier, and ranges from (to list the most common, but not limited to):
  • out-of-service recording
  • recording stating calls are not received from blocked numbers
  • fast busy (congestion) or regular busy signal tones
  • sent direct to voicemail
  • or call simply disconnects (hangs up)
When the party you are calling has anonymous call rejection (also known as anonymous call block) enabled, and you are blocking your CallerID, your call will not go through.  If your call is important, you will need to call the party, and display your CallerID.