Linksys PAP2T - Update Time Settings

Linksys PAP2T - Update Time Settings

Using your web browser, type the ATA IP address into the address bar. Press the "Enter" key.

If you are unsure of your ATA IP address:
Lift the receiver of the phone connected to the PAP2 and press the "*" key on the phone four times. When prompted by a voice on the phone to enter an option, dial "110#" on the phone dial pad. Note the IP address specified in the message that follows.

Once at the ATA webpage:
  1. Login using the username "User" and your user password (these are your ATA user/pass and not your VoIP Much details).

  2. Click the "Switch to advanced view" link.

  3. Click the "Admin Login" link, and login using the username "Admin" and your admin password.

  4. Click the "System" tab.

  5. Type "" in the "Primary NTP Server" field.

  6. Enter "" in the "Secondary NTP Server" field.

  7. Click the "Save Settings" button.

  8. Click the "Regional' tab.

  9. Click the "Time Zone" box (near bottom of page) and click the local time offset from GMT in the list displayed.

  10. Enter "start=3/8/7/2:00;end=11/1/7/2:00;save=1" in the "Daylight Savings Time Rule" field, so your device automatically abides by the new daylight savings time dates.  If your province/state does not participate in Daylight Savings, simply clear this field.

  11. Click the "Save Settings" button.

The Linksys PAP2 will sync with the time servers specified which will set the correct time on the device.