Please refer to the 3CX manual for adding a new VoIP Provider.

  1. From the 3CX Management Console, select SIP Trunks” > Add SIP Trunk”.

  2. Locate and select the Generic” option in the “Select Country” dropdown menu.
    Then choose Generic VoIP Provider” or “Generic SIP Trunk”.

  3. Enter your VoIP Much SIP USERNAME.
    Click OK” to create and proceed to configure the SIP Trunk.

  4. Enter a name for this VoIP provider trunk (ie):  VoIP Much

  5. Enter the Registrar/Server/Gateway Hostname or IP”
    - This is the SIP SERVER ADDRESS specified in your VoIP Much setup.

  6. Specify the Number of Simultaneous Calls” your provider allows.
    - Home and business lines are limited to 2 concurrent calls.
    - SIP Trunks are limited to the number of paid channels.

  7. Set Type of Authentication”field to: Register/Account based”

  8. Enter the Authentication ID.
    This is the SIP USERNAME specified in your VoIP Much setup.

    If you are using 3CX with a home or business phone line (not a SIP Trunk), you will also need to include:
    • From User: ##SIP-USERNAME##

  9. Enter the Authentication Password
    - This is the SIP PASSWORD specified in your VoIP Much setup.

  10. Setup your required routing.

  11. Click OK” to save the trunk settings.