ATA (VoIP adapter) Dial Plans

What is a Dial Plan?
A Dial Plan is a specially crafted string (or script) that tell your ATA (VoIP adapter) how to interpret digits when dialing.
A correct (recommended) Dial Plan can speed your dialing  (as the device will not have to wait for a timeout when dialing known sequences - such as 10 or 11 digit North American numbers).
Recommended Dial Plans
Bellow you will find a list of recommended dial plans. Simply locate and use the Dial Plan for your (include any brackets that are shown):
  • Cisco (ie: SPA112 / 122)
  • Grandstream (ie: HTxxx)
  • Linksys (ie: PAP2)
  • OBi (ie: 100, 110, 200)
  • Polycom